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The Birthday Bash of Dr. Pablo R. Olivarez

August 16, 2019 is no ordinary day for the faculty and students of Olivarez College, for the reason that it’s the Birthday Celebration of none other than the President of Olivarez College, Dr. Pablo R. Olivarez, whom people admire for being strong, active and still dedicated to his vision of contributing to the formation the youth at the age of 85.

As a way of delivering everyone’s gratitude for his continuous love and never-ending service, a festive celebration was held in Olivarez College-Paranaque Coliseum. The venue was filled with decorations prepared by the faculty and students who exerted a lot of effort to make the event convivial and successful.  The celebration started with a Holy Mass offered on the occasion of the birthday followed by the opening salvo featuring different performances prepared by the people behind the birthday bash of Dr. Pablo R. Olivarez. Olivarez College Performing Arts showed what they’ve got with their moves as they made their way to the dance floor. Popular Philippine Folk Dances like Gaway-Gaway, Maglalatik, Subli, Sayaw sa Bangko and Polka sa Nayon were performed by admins, maintenance, college faculties, IBED teachers, and non-teaching staff who enjoyed the dance just as much as how the audience were entertained. The program was indeed a jam-packed of talents as the Singing Ambassadors led by Maestro Edwin Narvaez owned the stage succeeded by a special dance number of Congressman Eric Olivarez. 

After such delight performances, newly elected officers of the Supreme Student Government from IBED, DPRO and College Department were introduced with subsequent song of gratitude prepared and presented by ELO scholars, student assistants and Olivarez College varsity players. These are the people who are truly thankful for the help and support of the birthday celebrant Dr. Pablo Olivarez. Soon afterward, the family members present in the event gave their messages and wishes to the birthday celebrant accompanied by a message from Dr. Pablo R. Olivarez who was evidently happy to have witnessed the joyous program dedicated specially for him. The program ended with the birthday celebrant’s blowing of the cake candles together with his family as the Paranaque City Band played the Happy Birthday song for everyone to sing as they whisper their wishes for our very own Dr. Pablo Olivarez.