Community Extension

Our Community Extension Program (CEP) is the response of the College to the prevalent needs of the school and the community. It is an important instrument that links the classroom to social reality and thus facilitates a more dynamic learning. In the process, the student develops a Christian orientation in his chosen profession with love and service for others, especially the needy and the powerless as motivating force.

There are two aspects of community extension involvement of faculty members and students: the school community outreach and the personal community service. The first requires the faculty members and students to undertake some forms of community extensions services in the adopted community. The second encourages the faculty and students to show and manifest his expertise or field of specialization outside of the school and requires him to undertake in-campus community services.


CEP is concerned with the integrated development of the individual, society, and the community as a whole. It is guided by the belief in the dignity and worth of the individual, his/her potential, and capacity for growth and development for a better life.

It operates on the belief that people should be helped in such a manner and spirit to foster self-esteem and develop self-reliance rather than dependency.


Guided by the philosophy of Olivarez College, the Community Outreach Program aims to:

  1. Provide assistance to members of the community within the capabilities of Olivarez College in order to meet their physical, psychological, and spiritual needs with a view to prepare them to take fuller responsibility for their own lives and welfare;
  2. Take cognizance of the actual situation and needs of the community;
  3. Instill in the student, faculty, staff, and parents the deeper sense of service;
  4. Promote cleanliness, health, and environment awareness in the community; and
  5. Develop Christian social values and social responsibility among Olivarians through the provision of opportunities to:
    1. Become aware of the prevalent problems in the adopted community;
    2. Participate in planning programs for the community using the assessed needs as basis;
    3. Demonstrate a wholesome attitude in implementing outreach projects; and
    4. Become directly and intensively involved in outreach projects, thus, realize community involvement as responsibility.

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry is an apostolate of service to the entire school community by providing care and concern for persons by proclaiming the Gospel and its value through building and strengthening a community of faith by celebrating the life of the community specially through the liturgy.


  1. To facilitate opportunities for spiritual growth through liturgical services, retreats, recollections, and prayers
  2. To help the students and the entire community of Olivarez College realize the value of Christian life through apostolic works and community services
  3. To inculcate in the minds and hearts of employees and students spiritual and moral values, thus, making them responsible person with a truly Christian outlook in life in building a Christian community inside and outside the school.


  1. Liturgical Program – provides the members of the institution with venues for liturgical worship by organizing, implementing, and centralizing religious activities every first Friday of the month and during special occasions.
  2. Spiritual Formation Program – provides avenues to enrich, assess, and strengthen one’s personal spirituality through retreats, recollections, and religious activities¬†

Contact Information
Head: Bryan Paril
Second Floor, Old High School Building, Olivarez College
Dr. Arcadio Santos Avenue, San Dionisio, Paranaque City, Philippines

(632) 8260750 local 148