Olivarez at Glance

flag ceremony


Olivarez College is a private, non-sectarian, and stock-profit educational institution conceived and established in the belief that providing educational opportunities for the masses is the best legacy one can offer to the Filipino nation and the world.

We are duly recognized by the Philippines' Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Department of Education (DepEd), and Technical Education and Skills Development (TESDA) and accredited by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP), Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) and Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU).  

Olivarez College is dedicated to its noble mission of educating the mind, body, and soul of the Filipino youth. We are committed to the intellectual, cultural, moral, and physical development of our students. It also envisions the enhancement of the welfare and social well-being of the community.

The school is dedicated to the youth of the land eager to search for educational opportunities and challenges for responsible citizenship and leadership by developing the potentials of the youth to the end fruition of their learned skills and competences, thus, enabling them to become assets of the nation and global community.



The couple Pablo R. Olivarez, MD (DPRO) and Rosario L. Olivarez, MD (+), being enterprising members of their community in San Dionisio, Parañaque, envisioned to establish  a school in which its graduates shall be immediately hired in the hospital they have just put up and, at the same time, contribute in the formation of the youth dedicated to the service of God, country and man.

Being medical practitioners themselves who were aware of the great demand for nurses in the Philippines and abroad, they established the Olivarez School of Nursing on April 30, 1976.


1975  Dr. Pablo R. Olivarez (DPRO) and his late wife Dr. Rosario pioneer in the development of the San Dionisio community when they put up Olivarez General Hospital along then Sucat Highway.

30 April 1976  Olivarez couple opens the gates of Olivarez School of Nursing (OSN) for its first 84 enrollees to address the growing demand for competent nurses in the country and abroad at that time.

1977  Liberal arts and vocational courses were added due to dramatic increase in student enrollment. Eventually, OSN renames into Olivarez Junior College, with Mrs. Petronila Ignacio as the first academic vice president.

1978  College of Commerce and of Liberal Arts and Sciences were instituted, along with additional paramedic courses. Kindergarten and grade one classes were also offered to kickstart the Elementary Department. DPRO buys the two-hectare lot adjacent to Olivarez General Hospital.

1979  The school began accepting first and second year high school students.  It was also in the same year the Olivarez started to offer complete elementary courses from Grades 1 to 6. The Academic Council was organized and was composed of the Executive Vice-President, Dean of the College Department and the department heads. his became the present site of the two-storey high school building which was completed in 1979,

1980  The school changed its name to Olivarez College. The construction of the four-storey building (now PRO Hall) was completed.

1981  Third and fourth year high school students were admitted. 

October 1990  OC invites the academic accreditation pioneer Philippine Association for Colleges and Universities on Accreditation (PACUCOA) to orient its administrators on the accreditation process.

February 1991  A PACUCOA team arrives for consultation meeting with administrators, faculty, and staff.

1992  Colleges of Commerce and of Liberal Arts receive their Level I accreditation status from PACUCOA in July. College of Nursing gets the same accreditation status two months after. The school also offers graduate programs Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management and in Guidance and Counseling and Master of Business Administration.

28 May 1993  PACUCOA grants the College of Commerce and of Liberal Arts their Level II accreditation status.

1995  The school year opens under a new administration. Two of DPRO’s children, Eric and Evangeline, assume the positions of Vice President for Academics and Services and Vice President for Finance and Administration, respectively. In June, the four-storey structure especially intended for the Basic Education Department is formally completed.

7 February 1997  College of Nursing earns Level II Accredited status.

December 1998     Level II First Reaccredited status was granted to the College of Liberal Arts and Commerce.

2001  PACUCOA grants Nursing its Level II First Reaccredited status. 

February 2002  Grade School and High School Departments, collectively called then Basic Education Department (BED), were awarded Level I accredited status by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). 

2003  Board of Trustees approves the establishment of a new campus in Tagaytay City, thus, the birth of Olivarez College – Tagaytay (OCT). DPRO envisions OCT as the key to the advancement of the educational, cultural, moral, economic and social well-being of the community in Tagaytay City.

14 May 2004  PAASCU awards BED its Level II Accredited status.

2008  On May 5, PAASCU granted BED the Level II Reaccredited status valid for five years. The new building which houses the College of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, and the main library, apart from the three (3) other libraries has been completed.

2026  Olivarez will celebrate its 50th founding anniversary.

OC logo

Symbols and Traditions

Olivarez College puts emphasis on the three domains of human development by educating the mind, body and soul. These words capsulized the Olivarian philosophy of education: a holistic education committed to the development of the critical mind capable of intelligent decision-making and analysis; a physically-fit body that is well-versed with arts, skills, and athletics. A sound mind and a healthy body make up a total person with a spirit that is in communion with Christian ideals and one who is dedicated to the service of God, country, and man.

College Seal
The school seal is circular that represents the perfect fulfillment of a holistic educational process. The green scallops surrounding the circle represent the cyclical challenges and successes that the institution and its members may experience in the course of realizing their goals. The center area is embodied in gold and bear five symbols which are the lighted torch, an opened book, laurel leaves, the school motto and the letters O and C. The torch is a symbol of light and wisdom. The book represents the pursuit of knowledge and excellence. Once used as crowns by mighty rulers to symbolize power, the laurel leaves denote the quest for glory through a holistic education. The letters O and C are the initials of Olivarez College.

The school colors are red, gold, and green. Red symbolizes courage, energy, and power. Gold symbolizes reward and victory. Taken from the biblical passage John 10:10, green represents the simplicity and abundance of life despite the evils and liabilities in society.

Quality Seal
The Quality Seal depicts hallmark of standards and principles that everyone shall imbibe along with his/her every action, 
decision and disposition while inside the institution. It encompasses the institutional vision-mission imbued with the 21st century perspectives while propelling the seven (7) pillars toward its attainment through set of effective mechanisms for every Olivarian graduate that would bespeak of the true value and essence of institutional outcome. 

At the center are the embossed letters O and C that signify and describe the institution while carrying its new brand of quality reflected in the seal as it journeys to a new road towards the year 2023.

College Hymn
The Olivarez College Hymn is reverently and passionately sung  by the Olivarian community in either opening or closing ceremonies of all academic and institutional activities inside the campus.

To you dear Olivarez College
Faithful children we will be
With the golden hearts to last forever
We vow for eternity

To the gold, red and green
We pledge our loyalty
Our light, our guide and our hope
Olivarez College

Our knowledge will last forever
To serve humanity
The Christian teachings given us
Shall forever be in our hearts

(Repeat REFRAIN twice)

Guiding Principles


Philosophy of Olivarian Education

Olivarez College is committed to provide every learner with applicable knowledge, competencies and field expertise while transforming them to become competent, productive and service-oriented citizens in support of social, economic and development needs of the country and the demands of the global society.


Provide a collaborative learning environment where every creative, communicative and critical thinking learner is prepared for employment and service commitment in the country and the world.


A quality 21st century global educational institution that advocates relevant inclusive outcomes - based education toward lifelong learning and sustainable career development in diverse contexts in response to national and global need.

Core Values

 I - Integration towards inclusiveness
C - Career-centeredness
A - Academic Excellence
R - Reflective thinking through high research engagement
E - Empowerment for Leadership and Service


Olivarez College aims to:

  • Create a quality 21st century learning environment toward holistic development of learners through effective instruction and efficient service delivery systems;
  • Generate applicable knowledge, skills, and values essential in the world of work along with sound judgment, critical thinking, and value-laden at attributes;
  • Explore possibilities and solutions to address global gaps and need through research engagement and innovative works;
  • Empower stakeholders for extension services toward human and community development aspirations and social transformations; and
  • Provide opportunities for career preparation through linkages, relevant activities, skills training, and guidance services. 


True to its vision and mission and driven by goals, every Olivarian graduate is expected to possess the Quality attributes:

Q - Quest for lifelong learning and continuous personal and professional development
U - Understanding of his / her uniqueness meaning and purpose
A - Accountability in every action and decision resulting to profound consequences
L - Leadership and empowerment skills responsive to social and national development and global realities
I - Integrity, moral truth and right judgment as dictates of reason and ethical consideration for the family, the workplace and community he/she serves
T - Timeless competence, commitment and compassion to lead and serve
Y - Yield of achievements as outcome of quality work and worthy services reflective of institutional, local and national pride



Board of Trustees

Chairman   Pablo R. Olivarez, MD
Vice Chairman   Eric L. Olivarez, EdD
Corporate Secretary   Evangeline L. Olivarez, MBA
Members   Imelda L. Olivarez-Orteza, MD
    Ephel L. Olivarez
    Edwin L. Olivarez, MBA
    Edna L. Olivarez-Nguyen, CPA


Top Management

President   Pablo R. Olivarez, MD
Vice President for Academics and Services   Eric L. Olivarez, EdD
Vice President for Finance and Administration   Evangeline L. Olivarez, MBA
Comptroller   Edna L. Olivarez, CPA
Finance Officer   Evangeline C. Oliva


Executive Council

Vice President for Academics and Services   Eric L. Olivarez, EdD
Vice President for Finance and Administration   Evangeline L. Olivarez, MBA
Finance Officer   Evangeline C. Oliva
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Planning and Development   Elmer B. De Leon, DEM


Middle Management Council

Dean, Graduate School   Elmer B. De Leon, DEM
Dean, College of Criminology, Arts, Sciences and Education   Elmer B. De Leon, DEM
Dean, College of Customs Administration, Business Administration, Accountancy, Library and Information Science, Tourism Management, Computer Studies and Hospitality Management   Antonio O. Yu, DBA, CPA
Dean, College of Health Science Education   Cynthia R. Acosta, MAN
Principal, Integrated Basic Education Department   Alfredo F. Bandong, EdD
Assistant Principal, Dr. Pablo R. Olivarez Senior High School   Jerry C. James
Director, Center for Research Publication and Extension   Conrado F. Vidal Jr., PhD
Director, Student Services   Zernan P. Dimaiwat, MAEd


Administrative Councils

Chair, Academic Council   Eric L. Olivarez, EdD
Chair, Non-Teaching Council   Evangeline L. Olivarez, MBA
Chair, Middle Management Council   Elmer B. De Leon, DEM
Chair, Basic Education Council   Alfredo F. Bandong, EdD
Chair, Higher Education Council   Elmer B. De Leon, DEM
Chair, Student Affairs and Discipline   Zernan P. Dimaiwat, MAEd
Chair, Research Council   Conrado F. Vidal Jr., PhD
Chair, Community Extension Council   Zoren Matthew L. Blardony


Academic Offices

Graduate Studies

Dean   Elmer B. De Leon, DEM
Coordinator, Master of Education   Rolando L. Magno, EdD
Coordinator, Doctor and Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Administration   Antonio O. Yu, CPA, DBA

College of Criminology, Arts, Sciences and Education

Dean   Elmer B. De Leon, DEM
Chair, Criminology and National Service Training Program   Christian Mark G. Rey
Chair, General Education   Conrado F. Vidal Jr., PhD
Chair, Liberal Arts   Zernan. P. Dimaiwat, MAEd
Chair, Teacher Education   Teresita V. Abuan, MAEd

College of Customs Administration, Business Administration, Accountancy, Library and Information Science, Tourism Management, Computer Studies and Hospitality Management

Dean   Antonio O. Yu, DBA, CPA
Chair, Accountancy and Internal Auditing   Antonio O. Yu, DBA, CPA
OIC, Business and Customs Administration   Michael B. Caducoy, MBA
Chair, Computer Studies   Dennis M. Quinto, MBA
Chair, Hospitality Management   Eduardo T. Orcullo Jr., MBA
Chair, Library and Information Science   Melquiades I. Alipo-on, MALS
Chair, Tourism Management   Janice Rey B. Pacete, MBA

College of Health Science Education

Dean   Cynthia R. Acosta, MAN
Chair, Nursing   Cynthia R. Acosta, MAN
Chair, Physical Therapy   Philip William P. Eyog
Chair, Radiologic Technology   Fernando V. Hidalgo, MAEd
Coordinator, Clinical Area and Review   Rafael T. Salinas, MAN
Coordinator, TESDA Care Giving Services   Leah May N. Rait, MAN


Dr. Pablo R. Olivarez Senior High School

Principal   Alfredo F. Bandong, EdD
Assistant Principal, Grade  11   John Kenneth A. Oro
Assistant Principal, Grade 12    Jerry C. James
Academic Coordinator, STEM Grade 11   Arianne Denise T. de Leon
Academic Coordinator, ABM/TVT Grade 11   Kenneth C. Bernardo
Academic Coordinator, HUMSS/GAS Grade 11   Perlita C. Salvador
Academic Coordinator, STEM Grade 12   Leafcim B. Bautista
Academic Coordinator, ABM/TVT Grade 12   Arjeep S. Agpalasin
Academic Coordinator, HUMSS/GAS Grade 12   Mariedeth G. Casas
Head, Student Affairs, Grade 11   Aryan C. Ebol
Head, Student Affairs, Grade 12   Joanne A. Maglangit 
Prefect of Discipline, Grade 11    Donna D. Lejano
Prefect of Discipline, Grade 12   Ereen Bernadette B. Oro
Discipline Coordinator, Cluster 1   Angela Mae A. Pamaos
Discipline Coordinator, Cluster 2   Anselmo U. Petines
Discipline Coordinator, Cluster 3   Joan C. Punla
Discipline Coordinator, Cluster 4   Remyann Joy A. Arpilleda
Discipline Coordinator, Cluster 5   Maribel C. Carizo
Discipline Coordinator, Cluster 6   Grace Anne S. Piol
Discipline Coordinator, Cluster 7   Jeffrey C. Buenaventura
Discipline Coordinator, Cluster 8   Marlon L. Berzaldo
Coordinator, DPRO-SHS Research   John Kenneth A. Oro
Coordinator, DPRO-SHS Student Publication   Ellen E. Buison
Coordinator, DPRO-SHS Community Outreach   Arjeep S. Agpalasin
Academic Coordinator, ABM   Leahcim B. Bautista
 Academic Coordinator, GAS   Perlita C. Salvador
Academic Coordinator, HUMSS   Mariedeth B. Garcia
Academic Coordinator, STEM   Crisanto A. De Vera
Academic Coordinator, TVL-Culinary   Carmela V. Gomez
Discipline Coordinator, ABM   Zoren Matthew L. Blardony
Discipline Coordinator, GAS   Ereen Bernadeth B. Oro
Discipline Coordinator, HUMSS   Meljon G. Bisco
Discipline Coordinator, STEM   Abegail L. Capangpangan
Discipline Coordinator, TVL-Culinary   Stephanie S. Mercado
Guidance Counselors, DPRO-SHS Grade 11    Harry Young Francis 
    Joy O. Guevarra
Guidance Counselors, DPRO-SHS Grade 12   Ivy Faith G. Gamos
    Lishel V. Gonzales
DPRO-SHS Librarian   James Neil Borres


Integrated Basic Education Department

Principal   Alfredo F. Bandong, EdD
Head, Student Affairs   Marcelina G. Lee
Head, Prefect of Discipline   Joana Marie M. Amil
Coordinator, Research   Alfredo F. Bandong, EdD
Coordinator, Community Outreach   Juancho F. Fajardo
Coordinator, CLE and Values Education   Lorenza Lorna S. Pinpin
Coordinator, Computer Education and Voucher and LIS Management System   Ronnie M. Gubatan
Coordinator, English and Speech   Marcelina G. Lee
Coordinator, Filipino   Myrna B. Zara
Coordinator, Mathematics   Jerry C. James
Coordinator, Music, Art, Physical Education and Health   Arvin C. Butacan
Coordinator, Preschool   Juancho F. Fajardo
Coordinator, Science   Mark Alvin G. Sarco
Coordinator, Social Studies   Jemma R. Cebreros
Coordinator, Technology and Livelihood Education   Bernardo O. Soralde
IBED, Grade School Guidance Counselor   Marichel P. Villa
IBED, High School Guidance Counselor   Joseph E. Omaña


Research, Publication and Extension

Director   Conrado F. Vidal Jr., PhD
Assistant Director, Research and Publication   Arturo C. Pulga Jr.
Head, Linkages   Marilyn P. Allanigue, MCC, MPA



Finance Officer   Evangeline C. Oliva
Payroll Masters   Paul Nico Y. Edosma
  Mylin L. Ocampo
  Grace A. Delgado
Purchasing Officers   Mercelita O. Zarzuela
Supply Officer
Dennis I. Gacusan
  Aira Mae B. Gonzaga



Administrative Officer   Teresita R. Oris, CPA
Registrar   Rufina B. Verde, EdD
Head, Information Resource Center   Melquiades I. Alipo-on, MALS
Head, Marketing   Kristel J. Ortalla
Head, Human Resource Development   Eileen S. Cambe, MAP, MAEd
Head, Quality Assurance   Gabriel S. Cabardo, MAEd
Head, Center for Continuing Professional Development   Jasper S. Gaboc
Head, Management Information Services   Ronnie Gubatan
Custodian, Laboratories and Property   Alloisius Miguel C. Pilapil
Head, Pollution Control   Marilyn P. Allanigue, MCC, MPA
Head, TESDA Assessment Center   Maria Lourdes M. Recaido, MM
Head, Technical Services   Renato D. Berdin
Head, Housekeeping Services   Christian M. Hebres


Student Services

Director, Student Services   Zernan P. Dimaiwat, MAEd
Head, Student Affairs   Zernan P. Dimaiwat, MAEd
Head, Guidance and Testing Center   Selfa C. Legisniana, MAEd
Head, Admissions   Elaiza F. Wileman
Head, Community Outreach and Campus Ministry   Zoren Matthew L. Blardony
Head, Scholarships   Mary Rose P. Vidallon, MBA
Head, Foreign Student Services and Language Center   Conrado F. Vidal Jr., PhD
Head, Alumni Relations   Gabriel S. Cabardo, MAEd
Head, Placement Services   Jasper S. Gaboc
Head, Health Services   Ingritt Joy R. Moralde, MD
Head, Bookstore and Food Services   Regie M. Flores
Head, Athletics   Narciso H. Hagos, MAEd
Head, Performing Arts   Elvie B. Faustino
Head, Security and Safety Services   Ferdinand R. Quirante, MBA

Campus Life


Student Life

Student Activities
The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) handles the general student programs and concerns. OSA looks into the students' welfare and deportment, enforces rules and regulations on student behavior, discipline, and attire, and coordinates, monitors, and approves co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the colleges, departments, and student organizations.

It supervises the advisers and officers of all student councils and organizations, both recognized and on permits status, and draws plans and initiates programs or activities for student development. 

Members and leaders of student clubs and organizations are assigned special place where they can discuss their extra- and co-curricular activities

The College OSA is located at the ground floor of the Pablo R. Olivarez Hall (College Building). The Head of the IBED OSA holds office at the ground floor of the Rosario L. Olivarez Hall (IBED Building). Meanwhile, the Head of Student Affairs supervises DPROSHS student activities from the Assistant Principal's Office at the ground floor of the Saturnina De Leon Hall.

Student Formation

Guidance and Counseling
The Guidance and Testing Center (GTC) operates as a service arm of the school. Its services are extended to all members of the school, community, administrators, faculty, personnel, and primarily, the students. Parents and alumni may also be assisted.

Specifically, GTC seeks to facilitate students' awareness and understanding of their artistic, emotional, interpersonal, intellectual, political, physical, and spiritual development. It assists students cope with their personal, academic, and career needs or concerns, and helps the faculty and administrators in improving the learning environment of the institution.

GTC holds its main office at the second floor of the Pablo R. Olivarez Hall and maintains a satellite office each at the Integrated Basic Education Department  (ground floor of Rosario L. Olivarez Hall) and the Dr. Pablo R. Olivarez Senior High School (ground floor of the Olivarez Coliseum).

Sports and Wellness

Health Services
Located at the ground floor of the Pablo R. Olivarez Hall (College Building), the School Clinic provides immediate and emergency first aid and routine medications for common ailments. 

The clinic staff composed of one (1)  physician, one (1) dentist, and three (3) registered nurses also conducts individual health assessment of all students and attends to the day-to-day health needs of the school community. However, no major decision is made until parents have been contacted unless the medical officer on duty decides that it would be more prudent not to wait. 

Students who is sick and wishes to go home requires to secure a permit from the clinic before s/he  can be allowed to go.

Furthermore, the facilities and equipment of the Olivarez General Hospital beside the school may be used in case of great emergencies. 

Physical Fitness
The commitment of Olivarez College to the physical development of the students is manifested through its Physical Education Program and the various amenities (i.e. sports equipment in basketball, volleyball, swimming, badminton, table and lawn tennis, weightlifting) under the Athletics Office.

Collegiate intra- and extramural games are also organized throughout the school year. Recruitment, formation, and training programs for varsity players are also maintained to showcase the holistic student development goals of the College.

Bulwagang RLO


Olivarez College takes pride in maintaining its five (5)-hectare campus with luscious green and manicured landscape and state-of-the-art facilities.

Audio-visual Room
The Audio-visual Room (AVR) is fully-airconditioned and acoustically treated  to accommodate 70 persons. AVR is located at the third floor of the Pablo R. Olivarez Hall (College Building).

Named after one of the school's founders, Dra. Rosario De Leon Olivarez, the Bulwagang Rosario J. De Leon-Olivarez is located at the fourth floor of the Pablo R. Olivarez Hall (College Building). It has a seating capacity adequate to meet the school requirements and needs. It is also functionally designed and has good acoustics and proper ventilation. It serves as venue of convocations, assemblies, seminar-workshops, and other  cultural and musical activities.

Botanical Garden
A Botanical Garden with an aviary is built at the back of the Pablo R. Olivarez Hall (College Building) to facilitate scientific discussions and learning. A huge collection of herbal and ornamental pants are grown in the garden for science experiments and herbal medicine.

Olivarez Coliseum

School and office supplies, textbooks, school uniforms, and sundries are sold in the Bookstore at reasonable prices. It is located adjacent to the Pablo R. Olivarez Hall (College Building) and open during business hours.

Situated near the Rosario L. Olivarez Hall (IBED Building), the state-of-the-art Olivarez Coliseum can hold 5,000 spectators. The basketball court is made of wooden floor. It has shower rooms with spacious lockers for male and female players.

The Coliseum has been used as venue for special events like pageants, concerts, church service, and other programs that require large space and audience. 

Computer Laboratories
The Computer Laboratories support the computer training needs of our students, particularly those enrolled in Computer subjects and Computer Science and Information Technology courses. 

The Management Information Services maintains five (5) computer laboratories located in two different buildings. The IBED Computer Laboratory at the third floor of the Rosario L. Olivarez Hall (IBED Building) caters to students of the Integrated Basic Education Department.

In 2018, the Senior High School Computer Laboratory was built at the third floor of the Saturnina De Leon Hall for the exclusive use of the Dr. Pablo R. Olivarez Senior High School.

The College of Computer Studies manages the upkeep of the remaining three (3) computer laboratories at the third floor of the Saturnina De Leon Hall. 


Located beside the Saturnina De Leon Hall (formerly HRM building), the gymnasium features a basketball court which can be converted to several playing courts for volleyball, badminton, and other sports.

It can accommodate 2,000 spectators, with very spacious bleachers and male and female shower rooms. Physical Education classes are conducted here and sometimes used as venue in several programs.

Our library system, managed by the Information Resource Center (IRC), is an integral part of the educational services of Olivarez College. IRC effectively facilitates the flow of knowledge through its academic resources and services which cover all the curricular offerings and instructional program. The library is made available to enrich and support classroom instruction. It is composed of various educational and informative materials such as books, magazines, periodicals, newspaper, and non-print materials. Instructional equipment such as overhead projectors, computers, and teacher-made materials are also maintained here.

Under IRC, the Instructional Media Services (IMS) keeps all the audio-visual equipment and materials of the College. Students and teacher may also reserve lecture rooms and venues through the IMS. 

IRC currently maintains four (4) libraries in three different buildings in the campus. The Grade School and High School Libraries are located at the second and third floors, respectively, of the Rosario L. De Leon Hall (IBED Building).

Meanwhile, the College Library, considered as the main library, is housed at the second and third floors of the Saturnina De Leon Hall.

Lastly, the Graduate School Library at the ground floor of the Pablo R. Olivarez Hall (College Building) caters to the library needs of students enrolled in the Graduate School.

Nursing Arts Laboratories
The College has three (3) Nursing Arts Laboratories (NAL) located in the second, third, and fourth floors of the Pablo R. Olivarez Hall (College Building). These spacious, air-conditioned laboratories are also used as lecture rooms for Nursing and Caregiving students.

NAL 2 and 3 were designed in such a way that it simulates the conditions in a real hospital. The NALs are equipped with hospital beds, equipment, and dummy patients, among others.

Swimming pool
Tennis Court

Speech Laboratory
The Speech Laboratory located at the third floor of the Pablo R. Olivarez Hall (College Building) is available to students who wish to enhance their oral communication skills particularly in English and to motivate them to access various language resources towards personal development.

Swimming Pool
Located beside the Olivarez Coliseum is the half-Olympic size swimming pool with spacious bleachers that can accommodate a thousand spectators. It has shower rooms with spacious lockers for male and female swimmers. Swimming is integrated in Physical Education classes.

Tennis Courts
Tennis is integrated in the Physical Education classes. As such, students have access to five (5) indoor tennis courts, of which two (2) and three (3) are hard and shell courts, respectively, at the Olivarez Sports Center beside the Olivarez General Hospital. It has shower rooms with spacious lockers for male and female players. There is also an outdoor tennis court at the back of the Pablo R. Olivarez Hall (College Building).

Safety and Security

Safety and security is the top priority of Olivarez College for every member of the Olivarian community. The Security and Safety Office (SSO) offers a total quality protection program for people and properties tailored to the needs and expectations of its stakeholders. 

Being one of the implementing arms of the College, SSO properly coordinates with the Office of Student Affairs in the enforcement of the rules and regulations, special orders, and directives coming from higher authority. Its general responsibility is to ensure that peace and order prevails inside the campus at all times. It also secures the most valuable asset of the College --- its students, faculty, staff, administrators, and visitors. Buildings, records, documents, and other properties shall be secured from fire and other disasters.

With headquarters at the ground floor of the Old High School Building, the Security Office provides 24/7 manning and roving protection. All persons who go inside the campus with or without vehicle are checked at the gates. Round-the-clock security is also provided for vehicles parked inside the campus.

Alumni Affairs logo

Alumni Relations

The College, through the Alumni Office (AO), opens its doors to welcome back visiting members of the Olivarez College Alumni Association (OCAA), a non-stock, non-profit organization of Olivarez graduates from Grade School to Graduate School.

AO, in collaboration with OCAA, implements several programs and activities to keep the Olivarian school spirit alive through homecomings and reunions, scholarship grants and corporate discounts, mortuary assistance, career placement, alumni networking, community service and philanthropic works, and the use of school facilities.

Alumni are highly encouraged to go back to Olivarez and reminisce their school days. Contact the Alumni Office at (632) 8260750 local 160 or visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/OCalumniassociationofficial now!