Basic Education

Basic Education

The Integrated Basic Education Department (IBED) is a private, non-sectarian learning unit of Olivarez College that offers basic education from Preschool to Grade 12 in compliance of the full implementation of the Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum. 
We are recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd) and has been granted Level II Accredited status by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU) for its quality basic education program. 

Our students continue to excel in both academic and creative domains. For the past three years, IBED has been declared champion in Private Schools Association of Parañaque (PSAP) Academic, Literary, Arts, and Musical Contests. We are also at the National Achievement Test’s top 10% in the Parañaque City Schools Division.

Academic Programs

  • Grade School*
    • Kinder to Grade 6
  • Junior High School*
    • Grades 7 to 10

Legend: * PAASCU accredited

A well-rounded graduate with expedient knowledge, aptitudes, skills, and values prepared to meet the standards of leading schools throughout the Philippines, who is respectful of the community where he lives in and the environment upon which he depends on. He shall be a worthy and responsible citizen of the country committed to ensure his/her cultural heritage.

Olivarez College provides quality education within the facilities and sources available to ensure the total development of its students in the physical, mental, spiritual, psychological, and social domains, thus be recognized as a learning institution with high standards. In keeping with this mission for quality education, we:

  • As a private and non-sectarian school, commit to to foster pride and loyalty to the school by developing the potentials of their acquired skills and competencies, thus, enabling them to become an asset of their community and nation;
  • As an interdependent and responsive school, shall consciously seek to understand and obtain a close linkage among students, parents, faculty, and administration; shall utilize the position to extend help to others and play an active role in community service to make the community a better place to live in by empowering people to live more meaningful lives;
  • As a private, stock profit institution, cater to different social strata, which gives its students opportunity to excel in their field of endeavor;
  • As a center for educational excellence in Metro Manila South, enhance academic and non-academic participation and development of values which set national benchmark in quality, relevance, creativity, and integrity;
  • As a school in the Philippines, shall participate in the pursuit of national goals by providing  education that will help the pupils appreciate their cultural heritage and the natural resources of the country, make bilingualism a regular medium of instruction responsive to the needs of its locality and the society at large; and,
  • Shall carefully structure service learning which demands and provides opportunities to learn about social development and citizenship, and thus, prepares its students for the world of works by teaching them teamwork, critical and creative thinking, decision-making, problem solving, interpersonal and aesthetic skills.

General Objectives
Guided by the philosophy and objectives of Olivarian education, the Integrated Basic Education Department of Olivarez College commits itself towards the thrust of developing the intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual domains of our students so as to lead them to become competent and responsible leaders and worthy members of our society.

Specific Objectives
In Grade School:

  1. Maximize the use of the basic tools in oral and written communication;
  2. Apply conceptual ideas in Mathematics and Science using a variety of approaches by means of self-discovery and self-explanation;
  3. Understand the basic concepts of society and social relationships in preparation for his/her role as an effective citizen;
  4. Realize that one’s personality is the image and likeness of God and directs him/herself towards a dynamic development relating to oneself and to others;
  5. Show interest in their aesthetic development through visual and performing arts;
  6. Develop resourcefulness and skills in the use of the Learning Resource Center to enhance love for literature, the habit of personal investigation, and the development of moral values;
  7. Provide a well-balanced program for the development of the learning domains to further instill personal and national discipline, love of country and respect for elders; and, 
  8. Produce academically prepared individuals to face the challenges and demands of high school education.

In High School:

  1. Acquire proficiency in both oral and written communication;
  2. Apply analytical, critical, and creative thinking;
  3. Appreciate what is good in other cultures while remaining proud of their unique Filipino heritage;
  4. Enhance social awareness and sensitivity to human issues in local, national, and global communities;
  5. Adapt to various situations through effective interpersonal relations;
  6. Show interest in aesthetic developments through visual and performing arts;
  7. Practice the precepts of the Christian faith and seek opportunities to apply Christian values in their daily lives;
  8. Recognize the uniqueness and potentials of each individual; and,
  9. Provide students with a strong foundation for college education.

Student Development Programs
The Student Development Programs of the Integrated Basic Education Department of Olivarez College believes that the concepts and skills that the students learn in their classroom are not sufficient to provide a truly holistic education. Thus, its co-curricular activities are so designed to supplement the formal lessons provided inside the classroom. It is also a training ground for students to develop their leadership potentials and special talents as well as their sense of responsibility, cooperation, and generosity. As a means of uplifting the name of the school and providing the quality education it partakes, these co/extra-curricular activities play a pivotal role in carrying out the school’s vision of developing holistic individuals—with a sound mind, body, and soul.

  • Homeroom Program
    This serves as a venue for dialog sessions with students. This period is also used for academic follow-ups, personal hygiene awareness, personal sharing, peer guidance counseling, and information dissemination and/or orientation where a home-like environment exists.
  • Civic and Socio-Cultural Programs
    The school provides various activities and programs guided with principles, objectives, and themes for the said events. These activities usually carry significance of developing social, personal, and interpersonal responsibilities among Olivarians at par the goals and philosophy of the school. These include monthly culminating activities, interschool competitions, founding anniversary celebrations, President’s Day, Junior-Senior Prom, Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff Day, field demonstration and other institutional programs.
  • Sports Development
    The College also conducts sports-related activities that develop physical strength, foster athletic skills, dynamism, and sportsmanship abreast with the school’s perspective of educating not just the mind, but also the body. Sports programs include intramural games, Private School Association of Parañaque (PSAP) Palaro, Family Sportsfest, invitational games, National Capital Region Athletic Association (NCRAA) Games and school division dual meet.
  • Spiritual Enhancement Program
    Imbued with the Christian spirit and ideals, Olivarez College conducts programs and activities such as retreats and recollections, liturgical celebrations, Bible crusade, prayer vigils, confession, Living Rosary, First Communion, peer counseling, and student fellowships that strengthen the students’ faith and address their spiritual needs.
  • Empowerment Training Program
    Seminars and workshops are regularly offered to students. Orientation seminars are given to freshmen and transferee students in order to acquaint them with the school policies and regulations, available facilities, programs, and student services. Moreso, students are also trained in various life survival tests such as fire and earthquake drills, rescue operation procedures, first aid, leadership and team building workshop that empower students toward dynamic collaborative leadership and life safety and survival.
  • Remedial and Enrichment Program
    The school conducts remedial program to assist students in transforming their weaknesses in some areas of academics into strengths. The school also provides Enrichment Program for advanced learning and training for thos highly exceptional and exemplary in both academics and the arts par excellence.
  • Family Integration and Values Orientation Program
    Olivarians imbue strong family culture and tradition as the school believes that there should always be interactive and integrative link that would bridge gap between home and the school, thus, dynamic collaboration  is strengthened through family-centered activities, i.e. Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences, Family Day, Parenting Seminars, Parent-Child Encounter and related seminars.
  • Outreach Program and Community Involvement
    Imploring Christian principles, Olivarians are trained to practice precepts of the Christian faith and seek opportunities to apply it as they explore themselves to various outreach tasks that uplift morale and spiritual perspectives of the underprivileged members of the outreach community. Students are also exposed to charitable institutions for them to realize and internalize their great advantage to those underprivileged brethren.
  • Off-Campus Affairs, Exposures and Educational Trips
    Olivarian education believes that learning does not take place in the classroom alone. Thus, the school unlocks door to students for greater opportunities to explore themselves through educational trips, participation to off-campus conventions and exposures as the actualization of theories in the classroom into wider scope and dimension of significant perspectives of learning. Hence, an approval from parents/guardians are secured first before a student can join any of the aforementioned activities through permits and waiver return slips forwarded to teachers or OSA head.
  • Inter-school Competitions
    The school continuously unlocks opportunities to students in inter-school competitions to showcase skills and potentials in the arts and academics reflective of school’s quality education and excellence..
  • Recognition Program
    Students who excel in academics and distinguish themselves in co-curricular activities are recognized every Quarterly Convocation and in the Final Recognition Day. They are given congratulatory letters, medals, trophies, and certificates for their meritorious achievements and exemplary performance including honors and merits they brought to the school and to the community which are based from criteria and standards set forth in the Student Handbook.
  • Information and Communication Program
    Students and parents are always informed on latest updates, related issues and concerns through information boards, gallery, school publications, letters, notices, and waivers in order to bring awareness, precautions, and communication channels.
  • Health Awareness Program
    The school disseminates information on proper hygiene and disease prevention, cleanliness campaign and environmental consciousness essential to maintaining healthy, mind, and body.
  • Career and Guidance Program
    Every student is given utmost attention and assistance from enrollment to graduation and even up to their career preference and college options through career counseling and orientation regularly conducted by the Guidance Office in coordination with the Office of Student Affairs. This joint-crusade aims to provide students an overview of a future that best fits them which also serves as the school’s career tracking and follow-up program among our alumni.


  • Airconditioned classrooms and offices
  • Auditorium
  • Conference hall
  • Basketball, tennis, badminton courts
  • Swimming pool
  • Coliseum
  • Condominium
  • Dormitory

Admission Requirements

  • New students and transferees
  1. Age requirement for prechoolers: 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 years old by June of the academic year for Nursery; 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 , Kinder; and 4 1/2 – 5 1/2, Preparatory
  2. Original and photocopy of Report Card (Form 138)
  3. Recommendation Letter or Certificate of Good Moral signed by Principal or Guidance Counselor from previous school
  4. Two (2) photocopies of Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate
  5. Two (2) photocopies of Baptismal Certificate
  6. Two (2) pcs. long folders with fasteners
  7. Four (4) pcs. 1×1 ID pictures
  8. Entrance Examination (free)
  • Foreign students
  1. Academic documents authenticated by the Philippine Embassy and/or Consulate official located in the student’s country of origin (with English translation, if written in foreign language)
  2. Student’s Personal History Statement
  3. Photocopy of student’s passport showing its biopage, latest arrival and authorized stay in the Philippines
  4. Original and photocopy of birth certificate
  5. Three (3) pcs. 2×2 ID picture
  6. Three (3) pcs. 1×1 ID picture
  7. Two (2) pcs. long folders with fasteners

For your admission inquiries, please call our land line (632) 8260750 local 283 (Admission Office), 107 (Registrar’s Office), and 116 (Guidance Office) or mobile line 09178968704. You can also send a message to @OlivarezCollegeParanaque on Facebook and Twitter.

Enrollment Procedure

  • New students and transferees
  1. Get a checklist of admission requirements from the Guidance Office. 
  2. Submit credentials to the Registrar’s Office and Guidance Office
  3. Fill up the application form.
  4. Pay entrance exam fee at the Accounting Office.
  5. Proceed to the Guidance Office, present receipt and get the schedule for entrance examination. Tests are scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m – 4:00 p.m. and Saturday (8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.).
  6. Meet the Guidance Counselor for entrance test results and interview. Test results are given and Interviews are conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  7. See Grade School or High School Secretary to set the schedule of interview with the Principal.
  8. Fill up the registration form after a successful test and interview.
  9. Pay the assessed fee at the Accounting Office.
  10. Present receipt to Registrar’s Office. Get the Admission Slip.
  11. Present the Admission Slip to the Adviser on the first day of classes.
  • Old students
    The enrollment of old pupils/student for the next school year is determined by the office of the Principal. The school reserves the right to accept a new pupil/student to take the place vacated by an old pupil/student after the official enrollment period.
  1. Visit the Principals’ Office and present the report card (Form 138)
  2. Fill up the following forms:
    • Registration form
    • Student’s profile
    • Parents and students’ contract with the school
  3. Meet the Principal for approval.
  4. Proceed to the Registrar’s Office for validation.
  5. Pay the assessed fee at the Accounting Office.
  6. Present receipt to Registrar’s Office. Get the admission slip.
  7. Present the admission slip to the Homeroom Adviser on the first day of classes.

Fees and Payment

  • Fees and financial transactions

Students must settle all financial obligations before taking the preliminary and periodical examinations. The examination permit is issued by the Accounting Office after the students/pupils have settled their account or have made special arrangement on the matter. They are to be settled TWO DAYS BEFORE the EXAMINATION. 
Dated PERSONAL or MANAGER’S checks are accepted. Tuition and special fees are posted at the Accounting Office prior to and during the enrollment period. The school through the Accounting office has devised the following payment plan to help ease the financial burden of parents and guardians.

  • Payment

Plan A:
Registration and tuition fees for the whole year are paid upon registration.
Plan B: Initial payment 65% tuition fee to be paid during the enrollment. Subsequent payment due first week of October.
Plan C: Initial payment 50% tuition fee. Subsequent payments to be to be paid in nine (9) equal installments on the first week of each month July to March. 

Miscellaneous and other fees under all the plan, both miscellaneous fees are to be paid in full upon enrollment. 
Students enrolled with brothers or sisters in the College are entitled to 10% discount on tuition fees. Students are reminded to keep their official receipts for the payments made.

Contact Information

Principal: Alfredo F. Bandong, EdD
Third Floor, Rosario L. Olivarez Hall, Olivarez College
Dr. Arcadio Santos Avenue, San Dionisio, Parañaque City, Philippines
(632) 8260750 local 110 (Office of Student Affairs), 116 (Guidance Office), 126 (Office of the Prefect of Discipline) and 132 (Principal’s Office)