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Teacher education faculty oriented on PPST

The faculty of the College of Education were gathered for the orientation and training on the dynamics of Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST) on July 25, 2019 at the Graduate School Multimedia Room as part of CPD Academy, titled “PPST: The Language of Standards in Teacher Education” with Dr. Elmer B. de Leon (AVPAA and PAFTE vice president) as resource speaker.

To note, PPST replaced National Competency-Based Teacher Standards (NCBTS) that serves as standards set for teachers in the College of Education and basic education, of which all processes and proceedings should be anchored on its strands and components.

Therefore, it was a felt need for Education faculty to develop thorough understanding of and keep adept with PPST as the latter prepare the pre-service teachers who will be admitted soon in basic education schools, where it is commonly practiced.