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OC organizes Institutional Risk Management Bureau

Olivarez College has recently launched the Institutional Risk Management Bureau (IRMB) as an outcome of the recently conducted Midyear Administrative Development Seminar that stressed on risk management skills presented by Dr. Gerry Kao, President of Manila Tytana Colleges and former Chancellor of the University of the Philippines.

Prior to the said launching, the administrators were clustered for focus group discussions on their forecasting to the institutional internal and external environment and from there, they derived the possible risks and the corresponding mitigation and intervention measures that ended with deliverables for group presentation.

At the end, the group created the units that comprised the IRMB and pointed out focal persons as deputy general, deputy vice general and deputy members for the said identified cluster units, namely: (1) Data Privacy; (2) Disaster and Emergency; (3) Records Management; (4) Financial Management; (5) Child Protection; (6) Technology Infrastructure; (7) Phhysical Plant and Facilities; (8) Curriculum and Academic Operations; (9) Health and Environment Protection; (10) Human Resource; (11) Enrollment and Retention; (12) Career Placement; (13) Parent and Community Involvement; (14) Material Resources and Supplies; and (15) Legal Aspects.

The said units are divided into three levels manned by chief officers and asst. chief officers, namely: Dr. Alfredo Bandong and Ms. Joan Amil (for Integrated Basic Education), Mr. Kenneth Oro and Mr. Jerry James (for DPRO-Senior High School), and Dean Zernan Dimaiwat and Mr. Rafael Salinas (for Higher Education).