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Dr. De Leon trains DepEd faculty in Pangasinan

Dr. Elmer B. de Leon (AVPAA) was once again invited to orient and train elementary and secondary school teachers in public schools in Pangasinan enrolled at Urdaneta State University, Urdaneta City on outcomes-based assessment dubbed as “Learning Assessment in the Context of 21st Century Environment” on November 16, 2019 at the University Amphitheater.

This initiative was in partnership with the Ascendo Center for Continuing Education and Services. To note, it was the second leg of training done by Dr. De Leon in the said institution, while the rest were in other divisions, different regions and institutions for OBE and action research training.

This is one way of extending his field of expertise through coaching, mentoring, lecturing and speakership that Dr. De Leon advocates.