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Dr. De Leon invited to PACUCOA RVA Calibration Training and Accreditors’ Oath Taking

The Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) set an invitational Remote Virtual Accreditation (RVA) calibration training to selected pool of accreditors across programs, areas and levels that included Dr. Elmer B. de Leon (AVPAA) on September 22, 2020 thru Zoom Meeting platform.

The RVA orientation as the new normal system was presented by Dr. Conrado Inigo, PACUCOA Chairman and Dr. Adlai Castigador, Executive Director. Then, RVA simulation activity followed hosted by the University of Perpetual Help System Laguna, led by the PACUCOA Commissioners, including Dr. Eric L. Olivarez (VPAS) for the students area for Health Related Sciences Field. Meanwhile, Dr. De Leon was designated to simulate accreditation of the Faculty, Instruction and Laboratories for PhD program (Level 3) and was tasked to ask questions during the faculty and staff dialog simulation, led by Dr. Ellen Salac (PACUCOA Commissioner).

The said assembly culminated with oath taking of the accreditors led by Dr. Inigo and attested by the rest commissioners. This served as a kick-off ceremony and initiation of responsibilities under the new normal system of accreditation amidst challenges brought about by global pandemic. Congratulations!

In development, Dr. Eric L. Olivarez (VPAS) and Dr. De Leon (AVPAA) had their RVA in practice when given accreditation assignments by PACUCOA.