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Dr. De Leon receives PAFTE Award

Dr. Elmer B. de Leon (AVPAA) was given a plaque of recognition by the Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators (PAFTE) for his exemplary leadership and relentless efforts and services rendered to the said national professional organization as vice president for Luzon for the past 4 years at the Grand Men Seng Hotel, Davao City on October 19, 2019 as the culminating part of the 48th National and 9th International PAFTE Convention.

Other than his leadership stint, De Leon was also recognized for his active involvement and initiative in strengthening research as one of the organization’s thrusts through policy making, research engagement in coordination with other agencies, production of national researches for policy review and legislative amendments, and dissemination through research presentation and journal publication, also to include his strong action research advocacy among public and private basic education teachers, preservice teachers and professors across various regions of the country. He has also contributed in teacher education development as an author of books in action research, professional and general education courses, LET and Civil Service reviewers and senior high school textbooks and teacher’s guide for national utilization as teaching-learning resources and references.

More so, Dr. De Leon has been actively involved in the continuing professional development as part of the CPD Council for professional teachers, Philippine Regulation Commission. With his merited national contribution, invaluable services in teacher education and laudable leadership, true enough, this citation serves as his inspiration in pursuit of educational development in the national scope.

As such, he is humbled by such opportunities and blessings. As such, he appreciates and acknowledges PAFTE for continuously molding and providing him opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. He also equally recognizes all his loving mentors in this organization who are great icons in education for grooming him so well to be a better person in this field of profession.

Indeed, Olivarez College is proud of a great achievement, thru Dr. De Leon, that from this promising institution, will arise a national icon in education with this remarkable deal of contributions. Thus, the Olivarian community congratulates him for this merit that he truly deserves.