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Alipo-on presents paper in 2021 PAARL National Summer Conference

Mr. Melquiades I. Alipo-on, Library Director of Olivarez College, presented a paper in 2021 PAARL National Summer Conference with the theme “Better Together: Building Partnerships and Collaboration” on 29 April 2021 via zoom.


Alipo-on presented a paper on Collaboration of Consortium of the South (COTS) Libraries: Benefits, Constraints and Success. Other presenters were library administrators,   information professionals, librarians and researchers on the topics related to collaboration, consortium and cooperation of libraries.

The conference aimed to support the role of the libraries in strengthening and transforming the lives of the librarians and library workers for the benefit of the surrounding communities, where the library is located. It illustrates why and how today’s libraries are located at the heart of the cities, towns, schools and campuses, that provide critical resources, programs and expertise, where all community members, regardless of age, culture or income level, can come together to connect, learn and work together using new technologies.

Alipo-on, Vice-President and Conference Chair, during his closing remarks, announced that the two-day conference was granted 10 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units by the Professional Regulation Commission