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Reasearch Agenda
5-Year Research Strategic Plan
Research Agenda

The academic programs at Olivarez College are designed to produce outstanding professionals and cutting edge researchers who are able to address the challenging issues of our time. Such academic programs are dedicated to social and technological innovation, and to combining academic excellence with an entrepreneurial spirit by enabling the transfer of research into the commercial domain, thus strengthening the links between the College and the local community, as well as benefiting the wider society.

Olivarez College aims to carry out research and creative work of a consistently high international standard that will contribute to the advancement of knowledge and understanding and to the national goals of quality and excellence in education, accessibility and equity in education, national relevance and responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness, innovation, economic and social development, environmental sustainability and the fulfillment of the obligations of “educating the mind, body, and soul.”


The Center for Research and Development

The Olivarez College Center for Research and Development, an adjunct office of the Vice President for Academics and Services, is responsible for the pursuance of the school’s research objectives and academic development. Inspired by the school’s vision of academic excellence, social responsibility and research competitiveness, the Center for Research and Development commits itself in providing avenues for research processes that entail broad knowledge of diverse disciplines, intense understanding of the institution and, above all, commitment to the values of the institution’s purpose in society.

The Center for Research and Development adheres to the philosophy and core values of Olivarian education which foster academic excellence through creative works, discovery, and development of new knowledge, enhancement of the existing body of learning process in educating the mind, body, and soul.

Research in higher education are in the realms of academic and administrative arenas centering itself on the critical, analytical and systematic functions and processes of learning and educating the young minds towards national and socio – economic development. Research, therefore, is a primary tool and instrument of change towards poverty alleviation and a satisfactory way of living.


Vision – Mission

The Center for Research and Development envisions a culture of research competency among the members of the academic community that is grounded on the multi-disciplinary facets of the institution, rooted on the ideals of spiritual upliftment, social transformation, peace education, and economic development that will have a fervent, zealous, constructive, and lifelong effect to the local and global community.

Consistent with the philosophy of Olivarian education, researches conducted by its academic faculty and staff satisfy the research agenda primarily directed to contribute to the studies of educating the mind, body and soul.


In order to create a dynamic research culture within Olivarez College, the research agenda had been formulated with the following objectives:

  1. Identification and implementation of critical research dimensions that promote advocacy for spiritual upliftment, social transformation, peace education, and economic development;
  2. Development and evaluation of sustainable programs that concretize the values of educating the mind, body, and soul;
  3. Application of concepts and theories in the basic, applied and health sciences, education, and business for community development;
  4. Generation and application of new knowledge to improve the quality of life; and improve human and physical resources through research;
  5. Initiation and participation in collaborative researches with government, industry, and other learning institutions both local and international;

Olivarez College Research Agenda

The Center for Research and Development has a wide scope of management and leadership on the research direction of Olivarez College from planning, organizing and implementing faculty research, and creative work programs up to the documentation, dissemination and utilization of research outputs. In line with this responsibility, the following research agenda had been formulated:

  1. Competitiveness in Business and Education Program
    1. Development of new programs and improvements in existing programs of study including the quality of instruction responsive to the social needs and at par with international standards; and
    2. Evaluation of issues related to business, education and economy leading to the development or implementation of a program that address such issues.
  2. Advancement of Science and Technology Programs
    1. Discoveries of new theories and technologies;
    2. Innovative applications of basic and applied science theories and principles; and
    3. Application of information and computing technology.
  3. Integrative Development Approaches in Social Sciences and Communication Programs
    1. Development of theories in the social sciences and humanities leading to a better understanding of culture and society;
    2. Development of intervention programs addressing inter-communication issues;
    3. Formulation, implementation of community and social development program; and
    4. Developing participatory approaches in capacity building and training.
  4. Community Health and Health Care Programs
    1. Identification and assessment of health care needs of communities and the evaluation of the quality of programs addressing community health issues;
    2. Improvement, management and monitoring of health care delivery systems; and
    3. Conduct of studies that address emerging special health issues.
  5. Environmental Conservation and Preservation Programs
    1. Critical assessment of existing technologies and their effect on the Philippine environment
    2. Efficient and optimal use of natural resources
    3. Development of alternative resources
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