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Community Outreach Program - Office

The management of the Community Outreach Program Office is vested in the Community Outreach Program Head who is under the direct supervision of the Vice President for Academics and Services and supported by the outreach coordinators, deans, principals and department heads.

Community Outreach Program Head

The Community Outreach program Head is tasked to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Coordinates the planning of various community extension s programs and projects with various groups or academic areas of the school;
  • Reviews all the programs or project proposal for the Outreach Programs and Campus Ministry and endorses them to the Vice President for Academics and Services for approval;
  • Monitors the progress of all approved community extension program and projects;
  • Evaluate the effect and impact of the community to generate
  • Coordinates with the Dean, Department Heads and Head of Student Affairs in all level to realize the institutional character of the COP and Campus Ministry;
  • Develops linkages with other services for assistance in program implementation;
  • Provides training programs for the COP staff to increase its capacity to carry out its functions effectively;
  • Reports the progress and outcomes of the program, projects or activities to the President, Academic Council, and other persons concerned whenever necessary;
  • Maintains managements information system to facilitate generation, storage, and dissemination of all COP data and documents for better management planning;
  • Presides over staff meetings;
  • Provides appropriate inputs to the policy and decisions making process of the school in the area of spiritual growth and development;
  • Facilitates religious activities for the spiritual enrichment of the Olivarian Community;
  • Publishers worthwhile research result and relevant brochures for out-of-school youth;
  • Submits an action plan to the Vice President for Academics and Services;
  • Submits required reports to the Vice President for Academics and Services for his reference;
  • Teaches subjects related to community development; and
  • Performs all other functions and duties delegated by the VP-Academics and Services and the President.
  • The budget should not exceed Php 1,500.00 for individual activity and Php 2,500.00 for group activity. If the budget exceeds what is allowed, the individual or the group is encouraged to plan ways to generate funds.
  • As a policy, a financial statement of all cash released and received from the Vice President for Finance must be submitted within one week after the activity.
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